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Yogesh vishwakarma a technology loving guy who enjoy learning new technologies and train others the things i learned through Seminars, Workshops, and my Blogs 
Blog (i) :   (http://www.ITinformers.com/
                      I want to become a excellent racer in my life. I am the miss creation of god. my dreams are like a child i want to fly in the sky, walk on the see, and ride my bike on clouds. that's why my favorite quote is 
          "if you really want something, you can figure out how to make it happen."

                            This blog is about Ethical hacking and tips and tricks related to computer & Network technical issues, along with this you can discuss here about the IT security issues. Each and everyone have right to post his view through comments but no vulgar and abusive words are allowed otherwise we will take strict action on it. 
NOTE: if you have any advise or suggestions regarding tutorial and blog please leave a message me at facebookgoogle+ or mail me at yogesh@ITinformers.com 

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