Thursday, 11 April 2013

Send free SMS via Gmail

Hello All....

         Today we learn how to send free sms via Gmail 

Voila!!! sms through Gmail.........?  yes!!!!!

Gmail starts a Free SMS service. 

Now with gmail we can send free SMS to mobile phones. Gmail allows you to send 50 free SMS per day and the good news is  this facility supports all operators.

for it all you have to do is mentioned above........


   1:- gmail account.

   2:- mobile number of your friend or chat buddy's number.

   3:- litle bit knowledge of using gmail.

   4:- and finally a little bit of mind!!!! ha ha ha... 

 Step 1:- Login to your gmail account.

 Step 2 :- Go to setting tab.


Step 3 :- click on Lab tab.


Step 4 :- find the "SMS (text messaging) in Chat" and                 check mark in enable. 


 Step 5 :- Goto chat box expend "more" and click on Send Text (sms)

 Step 6 :- expand left corner down arrow and click on mobile.

Step 7 :- add your friend's mobile number and save it.

now write the message in chat box oops !! now its msg box so type msg and send button or enter..

enjoy ............

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