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what is ethical hacking?

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                   This is yogesh again here to teach you something as i promised you to start Free online ethical hacking classes, now i am back with the articles and amazing videos of ethical hacking and penetration testing. here is my first article in this series of free online ethical hacking classes.

                             First of all Unless you know how to hack, you cant know how to protect yourself from hackers. I am (yogesh vishwakarma) providing you Free ethical hacking and penetration testing tutorials here. i will also provide you guide to enter the world of ethical hacking and penetration testing.
we will understand this thing with an example, suppose you are living in a room or flat with your friend and he has a laptop.
will your friend give you the laptop's password?
never, because you have heard "HAR EK FRIEND KAMINA HOTA HAI!!!!"
but one day he leave the laptop in room and if you are a hacker what will you do is break the password of laptop's user password, right?
and he also told you when he did access you please don't open the D Drive
now what will you do is open the D Drive first, am i wrong that way?
a big NO!!
so this is the characteristics of an hacker!
now in the second condition your same friend forgot his laptop's password and you are a hacker oops sorry this time ethical hacker so he will come to you and will say "please help me out i forgot the password i will give you the treat"
Again you will do the same procissor for breaking the password but this time you are a ethical hacker because you did the things with the owners permission and also for helping him.
so now
what is ethical hacking and penetration testing ?
 Hacking in ethical way (with the owners permission) or hacking for helping an individual or a company. ethical hacker find the weak points called "loopholes" or "vulnerability". organizations hire ethical hackers for testing their system's security for minimize the security breaches or loopholes.

   Being ethical hackers you need to remember these things :
1. you have to permission to test the network, system, website or server to identify the breaches adn vulnerabilities.
2. don't forget to take a form of no objection.
3. you have to respect privacy of particular company or individual.

sometime ethical hacker can be part of criticism by people, they will say there is no thing like ethical hacking is always hacking, no matter how you are doing all these things.
the term hacker is actually a good word media and some people has banded this word and think "hackers are like theif, they steal information and personal accounts passwords."
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