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Free Ethical hacking & Security course Content

hello Geeks,
          sorry for writing after so many days. I was busy somewhere in these days.
But i Have something new for you guys!!!!
                                                      Here I am  starting My free course of ethical hacking!!!!!!
what ethical hacking free of cost!
        so yes it totally free of cost.
In this series of course I will teach you From the very basics of hacking and Security. you will learn via articles and videos. i will make all the practicals snapshots in articles and and also make video of that practical.

Module 1:Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • Who is a Hacker?
  • Hacker Classes
  • Hacktivism                                                                                                 
  • What Does a Hacker Do?

Basics of Networking
·         Network Terminologies
·         Ip Addressing
·         Ports
·         Proxy Servers
·         NAT

·         Introduction Of Virtualization
·         Need & Use Of Virtualization
·         Virtualbox
·         Installing OS On Virtual Machines
·         Networking In Virtual Machines
·         Troubleshooting

 Phase 1 - Reconnaissance
Phase 2 - Scanning
Phase 3 – Gaining Access
Phase 4 – Maintaining Access
Phase 5 – Covering Tracks

Types of Attacks on a System
Why Ethical Hacking is Necessary?
Defense in Depth
Scope and Limitations of Ethical Hacking
What Do Ethical Hackers Do?
Skills of an Ethical Hacker
Vulnerability Research
Vulnerability Research Websites
What is Penetration Testing?
Why Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing Methodology 

Module 2: Foot printing and Reconnaissance

Foot printing Terminologies
What is Foot printing?
Objectives of Foot printing
Foot printing Threats
Finding a Company’s URL
Locate Internal URLs
Public and Restricted Websites
Search for Company’s Information
Tools to Extract Company’s Data
WHOIS Lookup
WHOIS Lookup Result Analysis
WHOIS Lookup Tools: SmartWhois
WHOIS Lookup Tools
WHOIS Lookup Online Tools
Extracting DNS Information
DNS Interrogation Tools
DNS Interrogation Online Tools
Locate the Network Range
Trace route 

Module 03: Scanning Networks

•  Network Scanning
•  Types of Scanning
•  Checking for Live Systems - ICMP Scanning
•  Ping Sweep
•  Ping Sweep Tools
Three-Way Handshake
TCP Communication Flags
•  Create Custom Packet using TCP Flags
Hping2 / Hping3
Hping Commands
Scanning Techniques
•  TCP Connect / Full Open Scan
•  Stealth Scan (Half-open Scan)
•  Xmas Scan
•  FIN Scan
•  NULL Scan
•  IDLE Scan
•  IDLE Scan: Step 1
•  IDLE Scan: Step 2.1 (Open Port)
•  IDLE Scan: Step 2.2 (Closed Port)
•  IDLE Scan: Step 3
•  ICMP Echo Scanning/List Scan
•  SYN/FIN Scanning Using IP Fragments
•  UDP Scanning
•  Inverse TCP Flag Scanning
•  ACK Flag Scanning
Scanning: IDS Evasion Techniques
IP Fragmentation Tools
Scanning Tool: Nmap
Scanning Tool: NetScan Tools Pro
Scanning Tools
Do Not Scan These IP Addresses (Unless you want to get into trouble)
Scanning Countermeasures
War Dialing
Why War Dialing?
War Dialing Tools
War Dialing Countermeasures
•  War Dialing Countermeasures: SandTrap Tool
OS Fingerprinting
•  Active Banner Grabbing Using Telnet
Banner Grabbing Tool: ID Serve
Banner Grabbing Tool: Netcraft
Banner Grabbing Tools
Banner Grabbing Countermeasures: Disabling or Changing Banner
Hiding File Extensions

Vulnerability Scanning
•  Vulnerability Scanning Tool: Nessus
•  Vulnerability Scanning Tool: SAINT
•  Vulnerability Scanning Tool: GFI LANGuard
Network Vulnerability Scanners
Network Mappers
Proxy Servers
Why Attackers Use Proxy Servers?
Use of Proxies for Attack
How Does MultiProxy Work?
Free Proxy Servers
Proxy Workbench
Proxifier Tool: Create Chain of Proxy Servers
TOR (The Onion Routing)
TOR Proxy Chaining Software
HTTP Tunneling Techniques
Why do I Need HTTP Tunneling?
Super Network Tunnel Tool
Httptunnel for Windows
Additional HTTP Tunneling Tools
SSH Tunneling
SSL Proxy Tool
How to Run SSL Proxy?
Proxy Tools
Types of Anonymizers
Text Conversion to Avoid Filters
Censorship Circumvention Tool: Psiphon
How Psiphon Works?
How to Check if Your Website is Blocked in China or Not?
Anonymizer Tools
Spoofing IP Address
IP Spoofing Detection Techniques: Direct TTL Probes
IP Spoofing Detection Techniques: IP IdentificationNumber
IP Spoofing Detection Techniques: TCP Flow Control Method
IP Spoofing Countermeasures 

Module 04: Enumeration

•  What is Enumeration?
•  Techniques for Enumeration
•  Netbios Enumeration
•  NetBIOS Enumeration Tool: SuperScan
•  NetBIOS Enumeration Tool: NetBIOS Enumerator
Enumerating User Accounts
Enumerate Systems Using Default Passwords
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Enumeration
•  Management Information Base (MIB)
•  SNMP Enumeration Tool: OpUtils Network Monitoring Toolset
•  SNMP Enumeration Tool: SolarWinds
•  SNMP Enumeration Tools
SMTP Enumeration
•  SMTP Enumeration Tool: NetScanTools Pro
DNS Zone Transfer Enumeration Using nslookup
•  DNS Analyzing and Enumeration Tool: The Men & Mice Suite
Enumeration Countermeasures
•  SMB Enumeration Countermeasures
Enumeration Pen Testing 

Module 5:System Hacking

•  Information at Hand Before System Hacking Stage
•  System Hacking: Goals
•  CEH Hacking Methodology (CHM)
•  Password Cracking
•  Password Complexity
•  Password Cracking Techniques
•  Types of Password Attacks
•  Passive Online Attacks: Wire Sniffing
•  Password Sniffing
•  Passive Online Attack: Man-in-the-Middle and Replay Attack
•  Active Online Attack: Password Guessing
•  Active Online Attack: Trojan/Spyware/Keylogger
•  Active Online Attack: Hash Injection Attack
•  Rainbow Attacks: Pre-Computed Hash
•  Distributed Network Attack
•  Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery
•  Non-Electronic Attacks
•  Default Passwords
•  Manual Password Cracking (Guessing)
•  Automatic Password Cracking Algorithm
•  Stealing Passwords Using USB Drive
Microsoft Authentication
How Hash Passwords are Stored in Windows SAM?
What is LAN Manager Hash?
•  LM “Hash” Generation
•  LM, NTLMv1, and NTLMv2
•  NTLM Authentication Process
Kerberos Authentication
PWdump7 and Fgdump
L0phtCrack /Ophcrack
Cain & Abel
Password Cracking Tools
LM Hash Backward Compatibility
•  How to Disable LM HASH?
How to Defend against Password Cracking?
•  Implement and Enforce Strong Security Policy
Privilege Escalation
•  Escalation of Privileges
Active@ Password Changer
Privilege Escalation Tools
EHP Contents
How to Defend against Privilege Escalation?
Executing Applications
Alchemy Remote Executor
Types of Keystroke Loggers
Acoustic/CAM Keylogger
•  Keylogger: Advanced Keylogger
•  Keylogger: Spytech SpyAgent
•  Keylogger: Perfect Keylogger
•  Keylogger: Powered Keylogger
•  Keylogger for Mac: Aobo Mac OS X KeyLogger
•  Keylogger for Mac: Perfect Keylogger for Mac
•  Hardware Keylogger: KeyGhost
•  What Does the Spyware Do?
•  Types of Spywares
•  Desktop Spyware
•  Desktop Spyware: Activity Monitor
•  Email and Internet Spyware
•  Email and Internet Spyware: eBLASTER
•  Internet and E-mail Spyware
•  Child Monitoring Spyware
•  Child Monitoring Spyware: Advanced Parental Control
•  Screen Capturing Spyware
•  Screen Capturing Spyware: Spector Pro
•  USB Spyware
•  USB Spyware: USBDumper
•  Audio Spyware
•  Audio Spyware: RoboNanny, Stealth Recorder Pro and Spy Voice
•  Video Spyware
•  Video Spyware: Net Video Spy
•  Print Spyware
•  Print Spyware: Printer Activity Monitor
•  Telephone/Cellphone Spyware
•  Cellphone Spyware: Mobile Spy
•  GPS Spyware
EHP Contents
•  GPS Spyware: GPS TrackMaker
How to Defend against Keyloggers?
•  Anti-Keylogger
•  Anti-Keylogger: Zemana AntiLogger
•  Anti-Keyloggers
How to Defend against Spyware?
•  Anti-Spyware: Spyware Doctor
Types of Rootkits
How Rootkit Works?
Rootkit: Fu
Detecting Rootkits
•  Steps for Detecting Rootkits
How to Defend against Rootkits?
Anti-Rootkit: RootkitRevealer and McAfee Rootkit Detective 

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